Beware of lazy marketers in your company.

When I contact any company I don’t know I usually speak with the owner or marketing department. In first case I usually find a lot of understanding, because if company owner feels the value in our cooperation he is open for it. Because why not? It would be plain stupid.

In second case the response can be completely different. Cooperating with company like mine usually means a bit more work and new tasks for marketing department. They are just too lazy to pick the challenge. It’s not their company, not their profit. So if nobody will see they just decline.

It’s easy to check, because if you find one of their personal motivations and use it then it’s a different story. But should it work that way?

Fortunately the motivation don’t need to be good. Sometimes if they ignore me I just treat them of speaking with their superiors, because I believe in my idea and just can’t take a refusal in such an early stage.

It generates a risk for them, because the owner may see that their ignorance could lead to a loss of opportunity (now and many times in the past). The treat itself is usually enough to make them listen and decide more carefuly.

Pawel Lipka – founder of Action Heroes Animation Studio

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