Examples of low budget commercials from software developers.

How to promote your IT services with low budget animation? Check some examples with short comments and estimated production time, based on my own experience.

Example 1. It’s very simple mix of animated text and iconographic, but still enough to keep viewer’s attention for a while. The more simple animation is the more emphasis on education values instead of promotion values should be put in the script. The viewer/potentional client will appreciate the knowledge and his criticism will vanish, when he won’t be forced to see some purely promitional video with cheap visuals. Production time: 1-2 days.

Example 2. This is the highest form of visual asceticism, but one element is giving it great value. Perfectly done voiceover. Not only pleaserable, but with a feeling of authority. It’s like hearing a teacher, causing us to absorb the message. Production time: 2-3 days.

Example 3. Notice the music. The whole animation is incredibly simple, based mainly of text showing up. But the music creates a form of trance. This trance helps to dissolve the viewer’s scepticism, and help to focus attention on the message. Great idea to use in low budget visual effects. Production time: 2-3 days.

Example 4. (this one example is not IT, but the technique can also be applied here)Wherever human character appear in animation it causes the viewer to subconsciously perceive it as better and more complicated. And easier to identify with. Production costs get higher only when those characters are animated in complex way. So using almost stiff human character creates some kind of illusion of better quality, without increasing the budget. Production time: 6-8 days.

Example 5. It is based on three elemental animation aspects (moving, rotating and scaling). It’s enough to just have some graphical objects and animator has to just… move, rotate and scale them in dynamic way. Production time: 3-4 days.

Example 6. This animation could be good, but one thing is lacking – message clarity. Simple voiceover would be enough, or even some close-up on cellphone screen. But it doesn’t change the fact that visually it is good example of simplicity and low budget. Production time: 2-3 days.

Example 7. Very effective way of preparing low budget animation promo. Using app interface you don’t need to prepare other materials only for promotion purposes. They all are already there. You just have to film the screen, use some clever editing and postproduction and it’s done. It just have to be multimedia, so the movement and sound layer is needed, in order to make attractive. Production time: 3-5 days.



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