How to persuade your boss to use viral marketing.

Forcing people to share your commercials in social media without paying them is usually achieved by creating viral campaigns. Campaigns usually based on some kind of risky ideas. Sometimes it’s just a humour or maybe violence, insult or any kind of controversy. People love to share stupid, funny things or very meaningful ones, but rarely something inbetween.

But doing virals often makes your own hands dirty and many companies won’t risk their good name and brand value. So how and when to use viral marketing? And how to persuade your superiors to accept the idea.

If your company is just starting you may not care too much about a brand, because it doesnt’ exist yet. New customers and cheap promotion is of much more importance.
When the profile of your company/products suits well to hardcore, crazy and controversial ideas. Lawyers and medical companies rarely risk their trust and reputation, but if you sell cloths or electronics then it’s not such a big deal.
When you are clever you can create viral campaign that are not going from your company brand, but other source. Yes, it can mention the product somehow, but in a way that noone will find that is your commercial. Many companies achived their fame, because of some media scandal they were accidentally involved in.
Your business is going down and you need any kind of adrenaline shot. It may be worth risking.
You may also believe that doing semi-viral content, a bit more lightly, not too edgy is ok too. Be careful. You may lose money producing the project that won’t work. If you start to control emotions too much they may not rise at all.

Pawel Lipka – founder of Action Heroes Animation Studio

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