How to promote your products with action packed animation/video?

Especially when you promote products/services that are considered “Manly” it is worth to use action based promo materials. When a man watches the commercial he connects when more manly attributes are visible there, like strength, honor, heroism, aggression, action, conflict and other traits seen as manly. It is not only social, but biological man’s need to be in contact with this kind of emotions.

So, what can be better than creating promotional video or animation based on fight choreography?

In my blog posts you can find many commercials created this way, but it is still rare. Check out my portfolio page as well to see various animation and video projects of Action Heroes – a company I founded in 2007. We specialize in multimedia production, and I personally encourage you to include fight sequences in it. Why? Because I love doing and watching it! And I’m not alone! It’s very magnetic marketing force.

Pawel Lipka – founder of Action Heroes Animation Studio

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