IT guys and good visual taste in their products.

There are two worlds. Analytical thinking freaks representing IT and smooth, gentle, babymind artistic people on the other side. The second group work on feelings and therefore their sense of esthetics is usually well developed. You cannot say this about IT guys.

If any product is created there should be a inner need of cooperation between these two groups. IT guys are so focused on technical aspects and usability all the time (since childhood;) that their artistic part of brains didn’t have chances to even start growing through life (except those parts responsible for generating porn images needed for a bit of hand fitness).

So I encourage all of IT developers and company owners who quite possibly represent the same side of a coin (maybe less hand fitness and more success with real women) to just remember that their own lack of good taste can be eliminated by hiring right people to the task.

I don’t agree that people buy with the eyes. It’s so old-fashioned quote, maybe working 2000 years ago. People buy with logic, emotions, analysis, accident, etc. There are plenty of reasons, but nicely executed visuals create this emotional content needed to sell something successfully.

I’m talking not only about nice websites and branding, but also interface design, animated/video promo materials and explainer videos. In IT due to its complexity it is prefered to show inner proccesses and mechanisms on a simpler level, and 2d/3d computer animation works very well in visualising them. The understanding it creates in a client’s mind may really make him decide to buy or decline. Also, the more understanding the more connection.

Check out my portfolio page to see some samples of animated multimedia and give your ugly products a gift of beauty!

Pawel Lipka – founder of Action Heroes Animation Studio

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