Marketing edge.

People in marketing departments create lots of different content, but how often something makes them tingle? Let’s say it loud. Most of the industries are fucking boring and telling about the products/services of your company in interesting way can be a real hell.

Fuck the viewer for a minute. You are also important. This work has to give you satisfaction. It is usually not a nice content that creates excitement in someone who is responsible for marketing. It is how this content reacts with the viewers. And the best way to wake the viewer up is hardcore viral marketing.

You don’t only rely on a content which in itself is hardcore, ugly, stupid, funny, etc. It is much better if it attacks part of the viewers! Imagine doing something offensive, but not for your clients, but your clients’ enemies! All of us have some values, and therefore enemies respecting different values. For example feminists love to share content including statements on how stupid anti-feminists are. They just love the feeling to show these materials in front of other people to kick some ass, mentally.

Nothing unites better than common enemies! Therefore working on such a project is excitement all the way through. Use it to empower your motivation and show yourself as a tough player! It will also help you build a strong community of potential clients as well!

To start creating a viral commercial it’s good to cooperate with animation/video production house or agency. The script may be yours, but someone should make it alive.

If any technical question arise feel free to ask in comments or via e-mail.

Pawel Lipka – founder of Action Heroes Animation Studio

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