Marketing: Serious vs Funny.

if you have many marketing friends on facebook/twitter you may have an impression that world is always light, bright, funny and playful. Socialising with these people when you are one of them yourself may lead you to trouble.

In natural “marketing” when people in social situation just talk to each other about problem, products, solutions it has different character. When you are in pain and need solution, or even when you try to bake a cake there is seldom a mood of brightness and fun in it. In real life people are often more focused and stoic when they try to solve their problems or are in need of something.

Commercials made us used to different kind of language, when everything is fun and easy. But this mechanism is working less and less effectively these days, because it all sound like bullshit. Being funny works at a party, when everyone is happy, natural and don’t play a don’t try to make a business deal with you. These days everybody knows that commercials lie and the more they are optimistic the stronger sensing of the lie in people minds.

Therefore I encourage you to create more serious content, based on real and important emotions. Search in google “movie poster”. Look at faces seen on those posters. How many funny faces you see? Most of them look very serious. And this is what usually creates tension in movies. The seriousness makes you to sit in silence and watch the whole movie till the end. Yes, there are comedies too, but even in most comedies the core issues are serious, only covered by humour. In other case the story seems flat and idiotic, in other words – for teens only.

Thinking about more serious content changes many things in communication. You may even consider forgetting about those crappy colorfull infographics, quick and light facebook posts, etc and start considering interviews with people, creating documentaries instead of 30sec commercials or engaging serious experts to make your articles beliavable.

Be carefull of having only marketing people in your social circle or going on marketing events too eften, becaause it may distort your perception of real life at the same level as politicians perception of real people’s lives is distorted.

Pawel Lipka – founder of Action Heroes Animation Studio

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