Prestigous marketing tool for dominant companies.

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Is your company a dominant player on the market?

There are different promotion tools depending on company scale and brand recognition. Smaller companies are satisfied with social media posts based on text and photos. But with growth there are more tools to access. That’s why bigger brands produce more multimedia content and buy noticable internet and tv campaigns.

Having your own tv commercials is almost on the top on the list of prestigous advertising tools. But there is something more out there!

Animated or video series! How many brands have there own series? There are a few, but the list is quite small. I’m not talking about 45 minutes long episodes similar to tv shows. I’m talking about shorter forms between 1-5 minutes usually. The adventage of communicating about your product in animation or video, with regularly uploaded episodes creates such a tremendous connection between you and your clients/potential clients. It is very sophisticated way of putting you ahead of most competitors.

Our company is experienced in creating animated series (like Garfield Show), so I invite you to communicate with us about possible cooperation. Check my portfolio page first.

Pawel Lipka – founder of Action Heroes Animation Studio

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