Promotion ideas for Real Estate Developers.

If you consider big amount of money a problem then real estate developers has lots of problems. Paradoxically the amount of cash make them all look the same. Just visit any real estate trade fair to check their “boxes”. Nice prints, displays, furniture, but creativity and freshness usually sucks.

And all those young beautiful saleswomen – it does not give you a sense of trust. When you have to give all your money you wish to talk to respective, knowledgable and trustworthy person, who works from a point of not just making money in the business and career development (at least you need to believe in so).

Those cute girls on high heels are good to date, but not to sell important stuff. That’s just a small off-topic suggestion for marketers to change this bad habit and tinvest more care in sending right representants on trade fairs.

My main goal of this article is to encourage real estate marketers to search for different kind of promotion, based on the internet – the documentary, connecting both video and animated content.

Instead of just doing 30-60 seconds long videos/animation showing the building, and some sweet slogans think of creating something deeper. A documentary may be touching some important audience engaging topics from local market, consisting of many interviews (which always gives more believability than synthetic marketing material) and a bit of animation (f.e. visualising a process of creating your building or even some final shots). Creating a documentary out of it gives you fascinating material to engage internet viewers, and your own company or your products will be shown in a subtle way, just enough to put some interest and trust in it.

The biggest advantages are:

Relatively low cost of production. Video interviewing people is cheap. Animation is more expensive, but using it here and there makes the movie a lot more interesting.
Deeper meaning than just a usual commercial.
More connection with potential buyers. The more time we spend with someone the more connected the relationship becomes. Even watching 20-minutes long movie generates more connection than 30-seconds commerial.
No advertisement costs! Yes, there is usually no need to pay anyone for putting exciting movie online on many portals, fanpages, etc. Impossible to do when something looks like a straight commercial!
If you want to get more knowledge on how to produce this kind of movie feel free to contact me.

Pawel Lipka – founder of Action Heroes Animation Studio

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