Storytelling and documentaries as a marketing tool?

Everybody now wants to tell stories in marketing. Funny thing is most people don’t give a shit about company they work in, so it’s hard to believe about their authentic passion to tell stories of its products…

But one of our deepen needs is to communicate, so every form of it is better than just copy/pasting boring images on facebook fanpages, while thinking whole day about one good slogan attached to them. Storytelling is much more exciting.

It’s a bit hard and unnatural to tell stories in facebook posts, images or in quick 30 seconds long tv commercials. The natural way is just sit comfortably in from of an audience with a lot of time and just start talking.

Time is crucial here. It creates more connection with the people we interact with. So how can we use it in video-marketing in the most clever way? Forget about doing short promo videos. Think about a documentary!

Every company is somehow connected with important, emotional topics. For example, if you are real estate developer you can create a documentary about house prices and standards in your city confronted to other city. People like watching such things. You create a documentary wit many people taking part, speaking from their view, etc. And somewhere inbetween you put a few clever sentences showing your products or opinions about them.

You get a few strong benefits:

– you don’t need to pay for interesting documentary to become famous in the internet, because people will share it anyway. It’s almost impossible in case of standard commercial, except for hardcore viral
– you give much more value for people than just promoting your stuff
– you and your team gains new experience and fresh perspective and maybe even reach higher purpose in the job
– creating this type of material is not expensive (just a bunch of interviews, some location shots, etc)
– you can network with many valuable people in the proces of making it

Check youtube for many exciting documentaries and appraciate the emotional content they have. It can be the best selling tool for your company.

Pawel Lipka – founder of Action Heroes Animation Studio

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