The cheapest way to do animated commercials.

Very strong point of using animation materials vs video is that everyone knows that video is easier to make. Everyone can do this worse or better. Animation is not the case. So having animated movies promoting your company/products/services is much more prestigous and also make it easier to get noticed.

But if you don’t want to spend a few thousend bucks on animation then problem appears. Here I give you some a tip on how to make it the cheapest way – do it yourself.

People assume that gaining the skillset demands years of practise. Yes, if you want to make 3d animation on world class level. In other case…

Learn the basics of software like Adobe After Effects in just a few days to start creating quite amazing animations. Search youtube for “Animated infographics”. Many of them are simple, but effective, and you can learn doing such things in very short period of time.The time you invest in learning is not worth it when only one commercial has to be done. But this knowledge can be used and developed for years! And it doesn’t neccessarly makes you an artist. Just a marketing guy with additional skills!

Imagine how many companies have regular animated or video content on their social media? Not many! It’s great opportunity to get noticed!

Pawel Lipka – founder of Action Heroes Animation Studio

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