The Documentary Film: Older Better Stronger

A documentary film on aging, anti-aging and longevity created in a unique artistic and philosophical formula. A combination of animated special effects and a video technique.

My name is Pawel Lipka. I produced animation for the world-famous animated series “The Garfield Show“, visual elements for the full-length film “Suicide Room“, 3d projects for the world’s largest brands, incl. AmazonOrange and BNY Mellon, and created music for the tv show “Presidential election”. I also wrote a book: “Older Better Stronger“, studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poland and have an extensive knowledge of psychology and philosophy.

How you can see samples of the animated projects I produced over the years.

The idea of the film

The project touches on a very important issue – aging. The aim of the film is to inspire people to take a different look at this topic and find the source of wisdom and motivation, regardless of age. There are many things we do wrong and we age faster, but also many ideas how to change it.

Some of the ideas we can find only after developing a more spiritual side, others are strictly related to the knowledge of visual aesthetics, or are limited to people who understand how our immune and nervous systems really work and how to strengthen ourselves on many levels. Other solutions are the results of pure science and technological solutions.

There is a significant movement today that shows an obsession with healthy eating, but we can’t simplify life this way. Sometimes technology will make you look and feel younger in a blink of an eye, and no healthy carrot can do that. Sometimes you ruin your chance of aging well because you are a wealthy 45-year-old woman with a poor sense of artistic beauty and harmony, so you start with cosmetic surgeries too quickly and make bad choices on the way.

Sometimes as an old man you may discover a sudden burst of energy because eventually one of your children has children of their own and you have gained another fulfilling purpose in life, being helpful again and with the ability to express the greatest form of love.

Sometimes, in order to maintain your youthful energy, you have to stop acting your age and start to express your masculinity or femininity in full instead. And like Sylvester Stallone, regardless of age, find a balance between maturity and immaturity and play energetic male alpha characters and action heroes in stories that are usually limited to younger actors.

So there are many levels and many factors that contribute to our aging.

We age since our birth. Learning more about it can infuence our all life choices and plans, even when we are in our 20’s.

My form of expression

What I don’t like about the documentary films is their informative character, flat on the level of artistic poetry and emotions. Most of them seem to be made by journalists. What I don’t like about feature films is that they are just entertainment, with no educational or philosophical potential.

I don’t want to be seen as a journalist or film director. But more like a philosopher who uses artistic skill to reach people on deeper levels than is possible with pure knowledge given in form or in regular speech or writing. I have created my own formula that is able to touch human minds and human hearts and is able to educate, entertain and change them at a deeper level.

I also narrate the project with my own voice and message.

I invite partners, media patrons, sponsors and experts.

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I studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poland.

In 2007 I did my demo as a 3d animator and it was a life changing experience that opened the whole world for me.

Soon after, I opened my own company to produce films and commercials.

From time to time I do short personal projects where I use voice and message.


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