My name is Pawel Lipka. I work on one of the key global issues – aging. I teach practical implementation of my philosophy and educate people all around the world about anti-aging, I cooperate with national institutions and companies to develop and promote the most effective regulations and solutions regarding this issue. This is a problem existing between life and death, matter and spirit. It is not just a technical problem. It leads us to understanding about our own existence and how our energy works. How our behaviors, habits, personality, but also outside world and its mechanisms influence our own existence and processes of mental and physical aging. I’m the author of the book “Older Better Stronger” and also conduct webinars, speeches, coaching sessions and other forms of expression to expand the awareness of this issue.

In the past I studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poland. Running my own animation studio, I worked on many art projects, including the world-famous animated series “The Garfield Show“, the full-length film “Suicide Room“, and commercials for the world’s largest companies, incl. Amazon, Orange, KGHM or BNY Mellon. I also composed music for the TV show “Presidential Election”.

I decided to take a different path and become a book author. In this way, I can share my experiences and philosophies, but also engage in all sorts of exciting activities, meetings, trips, speeches and use other forms of expression to promote books and at the same time live life to the fullest.

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