Can ugliness be beautiful?

Ugliness is perceived as a weakness. and that’s why companies don’t want to be seen as ugly and cheap. So there is a pursuit of beauty, harmony and high quality in the world of marketing. Beautiful instagram posts, beautiful corporate films and beautiful tv commercials. Ugliness terrifies most marketers.

But imagine if they could produce an ugly promotional content. It would influence the budgets so strongly that instead of doing 3 of 4 things a year they could generate hundreds.

There is one way you can do that. it’s like Picasso paintings. They are not ugly ugly. They are deformed and exaggerated in a conscious way. So even an uneducated viewer knows that Picasso wasn’t totally drunk when they were created. 

If you stylize your content consciously then suddenly ugliness is an element of style, not an outcome of a low budget and a mediocre team.

This technique is already popular in marketing. You watch a tiktok video recorded by some teenagers (that surprisingly are more popular than Bill Gates) and they talk about some product in a way that most people don’t even recognize as a regular promotion.

What if you want to show your company, your buildings, your production line and hundreds of employees, but don’t want to invest many thousands of dollars in a corporate video production and all needed preparations?

You just sit with your marketing team to create an idea of some reportage or a short documentary film about an important life issue that your company will be involved in. In the next step you hire a cheap cameraman and a student of journalism to make a reportage in a few hours. Nobody will expect beautiful shots, animation, music, perfect video compositions, great voice quality, make up or perfectly arranged interiors.

You get an exciting reportage that promotes you and position your company as not indifferent to important world problems.

This is how ugliness can be consciously transformed and used in marketing. And instead of producing just one corporate film you have a budget to create lots of other exciting stuff.

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