Dangers of low-budget promotion

Low budget promotion feels like low budget promotion. if  you don’t have money and want to promote your services, it usually looks bad. Or in best case it looks normal. It looks ok. But it’s hard to attract customers if they see something that is just ok. Especially now when people watch so many cool videos on youtube. 

What if instead of using images, banners or simple Facebook posts you choose to use animated video?

Suddenly your promotional content looks more spectacular! But can you keep it low budget? 

Well…  the stylisation is the secret. Instead of a complex animation you get something simple, in a good taste. But it’s still the animation – nice lighting, movement, fancy special effects and music background. It’s an emotional combination that attracts the viewer effectively.

Animation is like a living organism. It moves. It is a form of life. Much more attractive than static banners. Think about it. 

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