When I studied painting, I learned that each object has its own character and if you understand this principle, you can easily capture this character in your painting. When beginners try to paint a tree for the first time, they try too hard to focus on the details, drawing leaf after leaf, but a tree has thousands of leaves. It would take hours or days to draw them all. More experienced painters just grab a big, frayed brush and with a few fast movements recreate all the leaves. He didn’t draw them one by one perfectly but captured their character with impressionistic strokes. It is enough to imitate the nature of the tree to paint a tree. What if a painter decided to use a more saturated green color to capture the leaves? Thanks to it, the leaves will still appear green, but more vibrant and alive, the artist enhances their freshness. He can look at an old and weak tree, and, instead of imitating its character exactly, makes some changes, inspired by younger trees to make the painting more vibrant and alive.

People can benefit from the same knowledge. By imitating the character of younger, energetic people, they are able to rejuvenate themselves on many levels. Who said you can start a business at thirty but not seventy? Who said you could be a model at twenty and not eighty? Who said you had to accept your gray hair instead of dyeing it? Who says you can’t go to a party just because others your age don’t do it anymore?

The best idea is to combine what’s good in older and younger people.

You may be weak regardless of whether you’re old or young. So, if you expect youth to be the ultimate solution for health, just forget it. If you’re young and immature, you are automatically mentally weaker as a human being, and it will influence your health if you don’t mature over the upcoming years. Being immature, you will make tons of mistakes in life, you have just a few reallife experiences to base your decisions on. You don’t be lieve in yourself, you can’t say what you want to do in life or define your biggest passion or purpose, you can’t handle relationships or breakups, even if they were nothing serious. It all influences your overall health. Therefore, people thinking that young age is the final answer to health are wrong.

Many aspects of young age can weaken us.

In turn, the older man who thinks he already lived his life and nothing else good awaits him, who has anxiety thinking of doing something fresh and new, is indeed weak, not due to his older age, but to his mindset.

Being seventy years old makes you potentially weaker physically than being forty years old but it is just one of many levels on which you can strengthen your body and become younger, stronger, and more effective. Think of the physical shape and appearance of Sylvester Stallone. His inner and outer strength is a combination of youth and age, immaturity and maturity, freshness and experience. These apparent opposites give him the ultimate kind of strength.

Regardless of age, you can maintain your strength by working on many levels of your being. Age is only one level so it shouldn’t be so scary to get older if you are still aware of other levels of human strength. Many of them are described in this book.

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