Dubai:Resonance – the documentary film specification

The film “Dubai” is a full length documentary. A unique mix of spectacular animated special effects never seen before in a documentary film, and a video technique combined with important philosophy behind the Dubai and its people. My name is Pawel Lipka, the author of the film and this website is an information point for partners and the media.

Let me introduce myself as a creator, before I get into the film specifications.

I produced animation for the world-famous animated series “The Garfield Show“, visual elements for the full-length film “Suicide Room“, 3d projects for the world’s largest brands, incl. AmazonOrange and BNY Mellon, and created music for the tv show “Presidential election”. My most unique skill is that I know every aspect of a creative process.

In the past I studied drawing and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poland.

I learned all elements of animation (sculpting, lighting, texturing, character animation, rendering and special effects) and did my demo as a 3d animator which was a life changing experience that opened the whole world for me.

In my own animation studio I gained experience in team management and direction of many commercials and tv series.

But I wasn’t fully satisfied producing mostly the commercials, because they are based on artificial marketing message. In the meantime I wrote a book, to at least have a feeling of sharing something more important with the world.

But being a writer is like throwing all my existing skills into the bin, leaving only the letters. So I found out that the best investment for my potential is to create films, but not commercials or pure entertainment.

Professionally I decided to focus on documentary films, in a unique form of video and animation and my production formulas.

From time to time I do short personal projects where I use voice and philosophy.

And thanks to my lovely mother who finally forced me to play piano I compose music as a hobby.

But professionally I want to use my experience of working on big projects and previous cooperations with large brands and use that experience to create full length documentary films.

The film: Dubai

People admire Dubai. But most of them are not inspired by Dubai. These are two different things. You can admire someone, but will never be able to imagine it is possible to be that person yourself. It seems impossible to achieve, so you don’t even start dreaming about it.

Dubai for most people is just an external thing worth admiration. But if we want to change the world for a better place, we cannot just admire things, but learn from them and be more like them.

I believe that part of Dubai’s beauty is about the spiritual, moral and creative values behind this success. But most people think it is only about the money.

There is a reason why some countries, even rich ones, are considered to be weaker and weaker every year. And the UAE is gaining more and more respect. Dubai, in my opinion, is a treasury of knowledge about values that can lead to a wonderful version of the world. With the respect of the uniqueness of each culture and place.

Creative freedom extended to the maximum

There was no other documentary film in the history of cinematography with that level of animated special effects. It is not only for the entertaining purposes. One of Dubai’s characteristics is a creative freedom extended to the maximum. I want the same feeling in my film, because otherwise It won’t capture the soul of Dubai.

What are the most important benefits for my Dubai partners

  • Participation in the documentary is showing commitment to the world’s important problems, but also a possibility to present in front of the whole world, with your philosophy, solutions and experts.
  • My formula is based on art and philosophy. I’m not a journalist using primitive emotions, like the controversy and artificial fear, created just to make any documentary a perfect clickbait.

What I expect from the partners

I invite partners to become a part of the film. I look for experts for the interviews. I look for financing for the animated content and for the promotion process to reach a worldwide audience.

It is the beginning of a lifelong campaign

The film will create the powerful entrance. But from this point the campaign will continue over the years. The transformative power I want this project to have lies in the education process that needs to last.


You can reach me here:

Whatsapp: +48 732 997 207