We are human beings, combining the mind and the body. Unfortunately, most jobs are mental, so people develop themselves physically at a young age and, from there, deteriorate every year. Some of them believe they are active because they do house chores or walk from home to work, and if we ask, “Do you play sports?” they reply, “Sure, I play basketball!” But if you ask more precisely, “When was the last time you played basketball?” you may hear, “Three months ago.”

Only through being a careful observer can we see that what people think about themselves and what they actually do are two entirely different things. Our immune and nervous systems can get stronger or weaker accordingly. Take people who train in harsh environmental conditions, cold temperatures, etc., they rarely ever catch colds. All kinds of stimuli are needed for improvement, that’s why people invented taking hot and cold showers as ways to strengthen immunity.

Imagine a soldier who has a lot of physical training. He has conditional resistance as a result of crawling through the mud or woods, from practicing fighting with someone. He gets scratches on his body here and there, small injuries from time to time, but through this the soldier shocks his body so his nervous system adapts to more demanding conditions and immediately strengthens.

That’s why it’s much harder to scare a soldier, he reacts more calmly in most scenarios – his nervous system is more balanced, so his internal organs also respond calmly. Most people, when facing trouble with their heart, stomach, or intestines, immediately think of taking medication. Challenging yourself with real, physical stimuli is one of the best ways to gain stronger immunity, but people just want to believe in vitamins and wearing warm clothes in winter because it’s easy and convenient. There is a Swedish athlete, Wim Hof, known for enduring cold temperatures; his skills are not the result of being comfortably dressed.

Imagine two little dogs. One is not experiencing too much in day-to-day life, but the other has contact with many different people, young, old, gentle, angry, fat, slim, man, and woman. It also experiences nature, different kinds of surfaces like mud, sand, rocks, ice, or snow. So, when we meet these dogs a few years later, which one will be overreactive and oversensitive? The first one will bark whenever he sees someone walking by, its immune and nervous systems were not trained in any way to deal with even small challenges and stimuli. The second one will be solid, not nervous and shaky.

The strength of its nervous and immune systems comes not only from “psychology” but from experiencing real life and its lessons. The physical world is an essential factor here. This example shows you one method for working on immunity and strength. It is impossible to gain the same results with medications or any kind of mindset alone.

Thirty years ago, most children experienced rain and had wet clothes and hair but still played outdoors.

Today, ask a child or adult when the last time he let himself get wet in the rain and go back home soaked was. Without simple stimuli like that, we cannot develop and keep our strength because we need to shock our systems, not only our mind, but our physical body. People wrongly assume that we are all about the mind and the body is not as important.

But imagine us as purely virtual minds, flowing in space without bodies.

Would we even care about job interviews, lower salaries, relationship problems, car accidents, heart diseases, wars or school exams if we had no physical body and nothing to threaten us physically? There is no need for shelter or food, so what happens if you don’t pass an exam at school? This mental exercise shows how the physical world influences our nervous system, and your diet, healthy lifestyle, or even relaxation, is just a tiny part of the work that has to be done.

In older age, you get lazy and a bit (or more) immobile. So, you avoid life experiences, physical activities, or
meeting new people. But when you avoid life, life will avoid you. It is stupidity to focus on taking diet supplements or ensuring warm temperatures in your house when you avoid important elements of life. You tell yourself that you already experienced life at a younger age, so you don’t have to experience it now. So, what is your body’s reason for keeping you alive? You constantly send subconscious messages to your body that you’ve already lived your life and don’t need any more physical activity. Don’t be surprised if your body responds to your message and slowly quenches its own activity …

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