Sure, we can point out that jobs may affect our health, working in tough environments, physically demanding conditions, stressful atmospheres, surrounded by abusive relationships, etc. But this may not be a significant problem.

The world is full of people who don’t like what they do professionally.

In a short documentary movie, a reporter asked many men and women if their current job was their dream job.

Almost no one said yes.

Many people hate what they do every single day for eight to ten hours. Some of us had no choice and took whatever job was available, others were forced by their family members or society to choose a particular career. Many people chose their jobs only because they’re well paid.

Unfortunately, all this has a price.

When you do what you do without any synchronization with your nature, character, or beliefs, you then work against a part of yourself. If you are an extrovert who loves to talk all the time but you decided to work as an accountant, spending the whole day on spreadsheets, it can be destructive. Or you may have a dominant personality, great for a company owner, but unfortunately you work as a receptionist who must be submissive and gentle all the time.

When our job is not well synchronized with our nature, it slowly weakens us.

If you don’t believe in what you do, how is it possible to create confidence and wellbeing? So, you operate from a point of weakness, which may translate to physical weaknesses.

Imagine what can happen to your body if you are permanently tense your whole life. Not because the job is hard, but because you hate doing it. You work and live against yourself or at least a part of yourself and, as when one part of an organism attacks another part of the same organism, it may lead to autoimmune problems.

Work is more influential to your health than relationships or a healthy lifestyle because you spend most of your time doing it. Our overall immunity and nervous systems may work very poorly in these conditions of unhappy, or unsuited workplaces. You need to start asking yourself questions to find the best career for you to avoid spending a whole lifetime in a toxic environment. “Toxic” doesn’t necessarily mean that your coworkers are not nice or your salary is inadequate, none of that matters if your daily activities don’t let you express your true self.

You may compare harmonizing your job to your personality to the way you pick your favorite music. If your
personality likes rock and roll you feel great, motivated and alive when hearing it. If you had to listen to dance or classical music your whole life, it would suck the energy out of you.

Doing the wrong kind of job is like dying, but in a very subtle way.

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