If your video explainer is boring

You may not be certain about doing a video explainer of your product or service. Why?

Because you have seen so many boring video explainers that when you think of this concept you automatically connect that with boredom. Who is guilty of that? The marketing departments? Only to a point. They don’t need to be creative and brave.

The production team should.

This is what we expect from talented and creative people. But in reality they just want to do the job, according to what their clients want, and get the money for the work. They don’t oppose doing crappy video explainers, because their salary is in danger. So they follow the rules blindly and the outcome is as usual – a boring video with a simple stock music.  

When you choose your video production company don’t only check their quality, but make sure they are brave enough to deliver something fresh and not so politically correct.

If you're a marketer or a company owner, I encourage you to read my article:

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