Dieta czy „zdrowy styl życia” to tylko kropla w morzu … Możemy zrobić znacznie więcej, aby poprawić nasze zdrowie, odporność i co najważniejsze życie w ogóle. Nie ma powodu, aby być zdrowym, gdy prowadzi się nudną, bezsensowną egzystencję. W filmach najważniejszy moment znajduje się pod koniec opowieści. W życiu większości ludzi ten moment pojawia się gdzieś około 30. roku życia. Potem jest tylko długie i nudne przemijanie.

If you want to feel a bit of my philosophy of a healthy life, listen to a short audio in which I discuss a topic that is only one of the many chapters of the book.

I also invite you to watch short exerpts from my book in the form of movies!

Polish surgeon, Zbigniew Religa, spent 23 hours during his famous heart transplant surgery. Do you think he had lunch breaks? So, where his energy came from? Was it good diet and healthy lifestyle? He was a smoker, and drank a lot. He had no time for a healthy lifestyle. There is something more that makes our organism strong and healthy. And diet or healthy lifestyle is small piece of that.

About the author:

Pawel Lipka studied at the Academy of Fine Arts. He worked on popular artistic projects, including world famous tv animated series: “The Garfield Show”, a full length movie: “The Suicide Room”. He created commercials for the biggest companies in the world, including Amazon, Orange and KGHM. In his book “Older Better Stronger” he combines his passion to philosophy and psychology with the understanding of life and health, and uses artistic background to explain life mechanisms in a unique way. This artistic way of observation allows him to explain life problems from a different perspective than doctors, psychologists or trainers do. This allows readers to understand it more easily and apply it to their own life.

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