Do you really believe that our inner strength and immunity comes from food or a healthy lifestyle? The average teenager eats junk food for years and still has the energy to go to school, train for demanding sports, and party ‘till the morning hours again and again.

Each of us can recall such memories when we were lying lazy and powerless on the couch when, suddenly, our friend called with an invitation to a party or other social gathering. We felt so alive, excited, and did not hesitate to get up and join the party. Our energy level jumped from minus thirty percent to plus five hundred percent for hours, losing ourselves in fun, forgetting even a small snack before going out.

It was not food that gave us so much power; it also doesn’t have to be any positive stimuli.

Take an act of revenge as an example. For years, it can give people the energy to get out of bed so they can work on a Machiavellian strategy to hurt other people somehow. The idea of revenge provides them incomparably more energy than any healthy diet would. Polish surgeon Zbigniew Religa spent twenty-three hours working during his famous heart transplant surgery. Do you think he had lunch breaks? So, where did his energy come from? Was it a good diet and healthy lifestyle? He was a smoker and drank a lot, he had no time for a healthy lifestyle. There is something more that makes our bodies strong and healthy, and diet or healthy lifestyle is only a small part of it. The problem is that most factors contributing to our health, strength, immunity, and overall success in life are invisible to both human eyes, and to an unprepared human mind.

In order to use them, you need to see them first. Each chapter of this book describes one level on which we can strengthen or weaken ourselves.

We can increase our overall energy on many levels and all of them are connected.

Imagine that there are people very physically fit (on this particular level their energy is strong) but have food allergies. They try medications or healthy diets, but nothing seems to help. If you look closely, you discover that on a few other levels their energy is weak. For example, they are shy, or they work for a poor salary, or their children don’t respect them, or maybe they just have an ugly face. There are many factors that influence our health, immunity, and success in life. Some people, instead of focusing on medications or avoiding certain foods, choose to work on their weaknesses, like shyness, and suddenly their food allergies disappear.

Age is also a factor that contributes to our health and success. Sometimes positively, sometimes negatively. When you are twenty years old or more, you should be familiar with more advanced ideas that make our bodies strong, our relationships successful, and with the motivation that makes us unstoppable. In Okinawa, people are famous for their longevity. Some of them live more than a hundred years and still cycle or chop wood. Meanwhile, most people in the world in their sixties or seventies are weak on most levels and have no idea what to do about it. “Older Better Stronger” gives you this knowledge.

You read a chapter from my book. If you like it read the entire book here https://pawel-lipka.com/books/

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