Are vegans weak?

I remember one time I had an occasion to visit trade fair for vegans. When you are on an event for motorcycle fans or guitarists or fitness community you have a chance to meet with pure essence, pure representation of a given community.

When I was walking on that particular event for vegans, watching people (both salesmen promoting their products and visitors) there was something significant about their character, the way they looked, etc. so you really have that feeling that your are not just watching random people like in a grocery store, but a community of some kind.

Most of them looked pale, skinny and a bit eccentric. It can make the impression that the whole community is a bit strange, looks more like a cult of strange looking people with persian carpets instead of normal clothes and accidental tattoos here and there.

I think this image is one the problems connected with veganism that pull away other people from believing that being vegan is actually a good thing.

As some of you know I’m focused on strong immunity, so I often analyse people and trends.

And I see two categories of vegans. One category decided to follow the path of veganism in order to be strong and healthy. Others do it from a place of fear or searching for uniqueness.

I’d like to talk about fear. In order to have strong immune system we have to be strong people. Emphaty is fine and also can be a part of our strength, but there has to be a balance between being soulless and empathetic. Being soulless is inhuman, so not giving a shit about animals is a bad thing. But being empathetic to the extreme can be even more dangerous and harmful to our own health. Why?

Being mentally weak, to the point of no accepting killing animals in order to feed ourselves may not help to build strong immunity. In the past people had more contact with tough situations and currently many of us are sensitive to the point that we can’t even stand a view of blood collection. This kind of sensitivity has its price.

It seems to bo so noble behaviour to avoid killing animals, and to some point it is. To care about others is a trait  of mature human being. But nature is not only about love. Birds eat worms, lions eat zebras, fire in the woods kills lots of living creatures that are unable to run away… there is nothing noble in that. We just have to maintain a balance between strength and weakness to remain humans, surviving on a decent level at same time. I see a lot of sensitive people very susceptible to health problems and it shows perfectly clear that sensitivity is not always good.

From my own observation I can say that there are strong and healthy looking vegans, but everyone who decides to not eat meat in even small amounts, just because of animals, is projecting serious weakness in his subconscious mind.

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