Coronavirus and acid reflux

You may be scared of Coronavirus, because of the awareness that it may intensify the symptoms of GERD. Especially If they are already strong enough. The most frightening thing is the breathing problem. But the coronavirus pandemic may also be great opportunity to get rid of acid reflux.

I tried to find solutions to help myself for many years but nothing actually helped. Nothing connected with the acid reflux itself.

What I found is working on overall strength and immunity let me get rid of the symptoms quickly.

It is a bit deeper philosophy because when I say “immunity” I don’t mean the immune system in medical term, but more holistic approach. When I say holistic I don’t mean any abstract spiritual ideas, but actually very grounded real life actions and changes.

It is just more expanded vision of immune system and nervous system. What I see as immunity is a just a broader idea, more about our whole being than just a biology of it. For example when you go outside in winter and won’t catch a cold it is one level of immunity. But if someone attacks you and you are in a shape good enough to defend with fighting or just running away it means you are immune to this particular situation,  due to your physical condition. There are also situations that have to be solved with money so if you don’t have money you’re not immune to the problem you need to solve. On another level it’s about your job or education. If you can’t handle the tasks then on this level you are not immune to the problem. If you work on those levels even a little bit you can notice immediate changes in your overall immunity and strength.

Take a look at the coronavirus pandemic and what media and doctors say. I don’t want to go deep into that because many people believe in coronavirus, many people don’t, so let’s just assume it is just like a flu and everyone knows that the flu exist, right;)? As a person with acid reflux even the flu can be dangerous to you. Many doctors say that you have to work on your immunity and take care of it. This is good advice, but the ideas like diet, supplements, sleep and less stress are just too narrow. It’s like saying that to build a successful company it’s enough to focus on having a nice looking businesscards.

We can do so much more to increase our strength, but the trick is to not perceive it as traditional, stereotypical kind of strength  we carry in our minds. Just imagine the situation when you have to be a negotiator or mediator in difficult problem. Sometimes have to be very strong and decisive, but sometimes you have to be gentle and understanding of other person’s needs. To solve the problem you may need sensitivity and no one connects sensitivity with strength, right? But sometimes it is the biggest strength you can imagine. That’s why holistic development – to be strong on many many levels can give us unexpected results. Even simple changes can lead to significant difference in our state, be it mental, physical or social.

Let’s assume you have a weak voice. Maybe you had never thought about voice as important communication tool and you, just like many other people, think that it’s more important what you say than how you say it or how you sound when saying it.

That’s the illusion because how you sound may be more important than the words. If you say something with complete confidence or relaxation it’s easier to convince other people that you are right. Discovering this strength is like making yourseone stronger in one level and it influences overall strength/immunity. This is just an example but are you able to see a connection between confidence and less stress?

So in times of Coronavirus it is great to focus on our immunity, but from much broader perspective.

We are human beings and everything is connected. When we are stressed out before the exam we feel stomach pain. So is our stomach sick;)? Or did anyone hit us in the stomach? No, but it is aching from purely emotional reasons. Then it’s better to see those connections, because neglecting emotional aspects of our being is ignorance that might cost you a lot.


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