Dealing with the toughest symptoms of acid reflux

Years ago when I was working in a bigger team I had an argument with one of my colleagues. It was very intense and in this type of arguments you tend to get tunnel vision, you’re so obsessed and focused on pointing your own rights that makes you unable to see the bigger picture. It’s like when someone has a small car accident and two people come out of the cars and start arguing. For them it is very important and serious thing, but in the process they act nervous and furious, so for observers they look just funny and stupid. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong because they both look unbelievably stupid. In my argument we were so focused on switching from one argument to another that after some time you lose your belief that you actually are able to convince your “opponent” to your opinion. So how to create the impression that you dominate over someone? I did one thing accidentally and said: “Listen my friend, I would like to continue, but I have a tennis match with my friend in one hour, so let’s talk another time”…

This showed that I have a healthy distance and I am more willing to focus on more productive and interesting activities than standing and talking for hours.

The other thing was we’re in the middle of our work, but I had a different contract with my employer and this contract let me do what I want and leave the office whenever I want without spending whole 8 hours. Imagine the impact of such freedom to your “opponent”, who has to just go back to his boring tasks…

It immediately shows your higher status and higher status is very important thing. It was years ago and I actually don’t like to argue too much, but in that moment I was young and very happy I won the argument with the concept I never planned to use. It showed me that sometimes you can solve the problems only when thinking outside of the box. And years later I used this tactic to overcome acid reflux. Instead of fighting acid reflux directly I decided to go outside of the box and look at the problem from different point of view. By “broader” perspective I don’t mean just stepping back and look at the situation but seeing it on a deeper emotional level.

Being a student of the Academy of Fine Arts I was taught that we need to look at our paintings from close and far distance and you need to change your perspective to see both detail and bigger image. Sometimes it’s better to just leave the painting for a few hours or a few days and go back to it with new ideas and fresh point of view. Having tough symptoms of acid reflux forces you to take bolder actions. I had very tough symptoms of acid reflux to the point that actually any physical actions were impossible to implement. But I discovered there is a possibility to work on all other factors and my body started to transform and heal on its own.

To not make it sound too philosophical think of another example: someone call you with very bad news so you have a stomach ache, you go to the toilet and you’re very stressed out.

Nothing physical happened to your body, yet your body reacted very strongly in negative ways. So why to think that it is impossible to have different stimuli and make your body react positively instead of negatively?

And I don’t think about positive mentality, positive attitude because I don’t believe in positive attitude in life. For me life is not positive or negative. Sometimes it’s more positive, sometimes more negative, sometimes what is positive for you is a loss for someone else.

Life is just life and telling yourself all those bullshit about positivity is a waste of time. For most part when doing things we don’t even think if they’ll positive we just go with the flow.  If you play soccer you don’t think all the time if it’s positive for you or it’s negative for you. You just do what you have to do, you are active, you get physical, sometimes you pass the ball perfectly, sometimes not. Sure, you can judge yourself if you’re a good player or a bad player, but in the moment you are playing this thought process is actually nonexistent. So don’t try to focus on positivity. It’s not the way to the top.

Successful life is broader than positivity. It’s broader than healthy diets or supplements.

There are tons of things we can enhance to get better physically. Just think outside of this small box.

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