Diet and acid reflux

When I had tough symptoms of acid reflux I could barely it. It was impossible to maintain a strategy and plan some healthy and effective diet, because I could only eat broccoli, carrot, rice and water. No matter how you mix it can be boring after a few years I had to keep it for almost 10 years…

People with a bit slighter symptoms can search for diet and try different combinations. Sometimes it helps more or less. What I saw on the forums and facebook groups the effects are far from outstanding.

People also search for some magic formulas, oils or suplements. I don’t want to go into this, because finally when I got rid of my problems I can say it hadn’t anything to do with changing diet or having any diet after I felt better. I feel great now and I can eat and drink what I want. I’m a fan of healthy lifestyle, but not in a traditional way.

I look for opportunities to strenghten my organism and sometimes when you have winter it’s good to feel the coldness, instead of avoiding it.

The same with food. I believe that variety in food can expand your “comfort zone” and I also include food that are considered as junk food or at least not to healthy. Not giving a f… is one of the rules to be stonger in life.

If you act like too sensitive, may it be food or other things then how can you be strong? Always thinking what you can or can’t eat weakens you. Think of social situations for example. You are with a group of people (friends and not friends). Everyone orders a meal, but you are picky, undecisive, you start your stories about gluten, veganism, etc. You are perceived as a strange person. And you know it. You may project your persona as original, healthy or kind of eccentric, but it is embarrassing. You are perceived as weak, you may feel weak deep inside and for sure, you are overly sensitive.

Being sensitive to some extent is fine – it makes us human. Being overly sensitive is weakness. Many actors and musician who committed suicides were overly sensitive. Reflect on that.

But anyway, I’m not telling you that it’s good to forget about diet during acid reflux, because it may be impossible due to tough symptoms. I just tell that I worked on completely different aspects of my own self to get better and then when symptoms started to disappear I just could eat more and more foods without any difficulties.


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