Different perspective on acid reflux

Try to think of acid reflux in a very simple way. Sometimes when people are nervous their hands are sweating, or the heart is beating faster. If the situation is adequate then everything is fine, but many people feel the stress in normal life situations. For example when you are an introvert or shy or you’re not happy with your looks or your voice you may feel nervous all the time. The reason is not important, but whatever it is it makes your body and mind react in exaggerated way. So instead of having sweaty hands from time to time you have it all the time. Your hands and feet are cold not only in stressful situations, but all the time. Think about acid reflux in similar ways.

There are many concepts of strengthening your nervous and immune systems. But if you believe it is about relaxation or having fun or being cool you’re far away from the truth.

I got rid of acid reflux symptoms after 10 years and it took me only a few weeks. For some people a simple argument with another person can be a reason to get sweaty hands and impossible heartbeat. Other ones react more more calmly, adequately to the seriousness of a situation. I believe the same may be true with overreactive esophagus or the amount of acids in our stomach. But do not think of it as nervous vs calm behaviour. On some levels it may be mental stress, but did you hear of a swedish athlete famous from withstanding cold temperatures? His organism is trained to do this. Just like when you run everyday your lungs are not overreative when you suddenly have to catch a bus and run for 15 seconds. So our overreaction can exist on many levels. And all of them creates our overall strength. If you’re a body builder, but having a heart attack when public speaking then deep inside you feel you are not that strong and brave as your looks may indicate.

And this inner tension can lead to problems.

One weakness may seem to be unconnected to the particular physical symptom, but why during stressful situations some people have sweaty hands, others stomach ache or even heart attack? Shouldn’t everyone has the same symptom;)? It doesn’t work that way.


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