Experiencing real life and acid reflux

Imagine two little dogs. One is not experiencing too much, but the other one in his early months has contact with many different people: young, old, gentle, angry, fat, slim, man, woman. As well as it experiences nature, different kinds of surfaces: mud, sand, rocks, ice, snow, etc as well as variety of emotions. So when we meet these dogs a few years later which one will be overreactive? The first one will bark whenever he sees someone walking by. The second one is solid, not nervous and shaky.

The strength of its nervous and immune system (they are connected) came not only from “psychology” but experiencing real life and its lessons.

The physical world is important factor here. But this example is to show you one of the ideas of how to work on immunity. And in case of acid reflux it may not have anything to do with diet nor pure psychology. Because life is not about food and life is not about mind only. Life is life. 30 years ago most children experienced rain, had wet clothes and hair, but still playing outdoor.

Today when you ask a child or adult person when was the last time he let himself get wet in the rain and go back to home completely wet? Without simple stimuli like that we can develop and keep our strength.People think that we are all about the mind and the body is not as important.

But imagine us as purely virtual minds flowing in the space, without bodies.

Would we even care of those job interviews, lower salaries, relationship problems, car accidents, heart diseases, wars, exams, etc if we have no body and nothing actually threatens us? No need to have shelter or food, so what can happen if you don’t pass an exam at school?This mental excercise shows how physical world influences our nervous system and your diet or healthy lifestyle or even relaxation is just a small part of it.

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