Gender and acid reflux

In current times many people see gender as a social construct. So everyone can be whoever he/she/it wants to be. It is a huge topic and I’d like to be brief here.

Biologically men and women have differences and everything is synchronised to work in harmony. The character traits of men and women were more clearly defined in the past, but in my opinion it was too much. Because if you push testosterone to the extreme (manly hormone) you create a personality with dangerous traits like constant need for violence, aggression, conflict, etc. It is like Friedrich Nietche type of mentality. But if you  develop a human being on female hormones you create someone who is always tender, soft, weak, delicate, open, positive, etc.

Life shows that sometimes we need to be a little more serious, and negativity is also good when you need to take care of yourself. Being assertive is sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Mixing traits from both gender seems like a wise idea, right?

I learned a few things when studying painting at the academy of fine arts. If you want to create a painting that capture some specific mood you need to make some things more dominant and others less dominant. It’s like making a movie. If you want it to be a thriller you can’t implement too much comedy aspects, too much humour or funny looking characters. Terminator 1 or 2 were very serious thriller/action movies. In Terminator 3 they implemented some elements of comedy, but only here and there, to not destroy the tension and seriousness the viewers expect to feel it action movies.

I think in similar ways about men and women. It is good to mix traits here and there to be more complete human being. But still you need some dominant traits in yourself. If you re like Mother Teresa you can’t be like Donald Trump.

Another thing I learned when studying painting is harmony. When you design a house you expect not only cool looking furniture, but a harmony, integrity, continuity of style, etc. How to achieve harmony of our body and mind?

Now imagine a body of a woman. Its physical look, but also biological functions. Physically women are more round, soft and delicate shapes, smaller and prettier body in contrast to men. Their body has also different functions and it is prepared for having children. In this context when you look for harmony between the body and mind it is obvious that the mind of a woman should also be more soft, delicate, open, expressive, joyful, etc. So there is a harmony between body and mind. From this point of view it seems obvious that current beliefs that everyone can act like a man or woman, because gender is a social construct is wrong. Or has its consequences.

If a man is too soft and delicate he can have problems with erection, because it is testosterone that helps to achieve it. You need to feel strong, confident, fearless, relaxed, and imagine what can happen when man is soft and his woman seems to be mentally stronger than him… I believe it is not a coincidence that we see so many commercial promoting drugs like Viagra.

Women these days try to imitate men, believing it will help them achieve success and independence. But following more womanly traits can also give you success. Imagine being joyful, open, sexy, caring, etc. People love these traits and want to do business with you, hire you, talk with you, cooperate with you in many ways.

When your body and mind create disharmony I believe it is a serious weakness and instead of convincing ourselves that everything is a social construct we should reflect on that topic and choose consciously. If you want to be a soft man or strong woman, that’s fine but remember it may have serious consequences. And if your mentality doesn’t support the way your biology works it may create serious physical weakness.

It is proven that hormones play important role in our health. Imbalances may lead to overreactive organism. Think for a moment if acid reflux can be caused by overreation?

We can be overreactive from many reasons, but it’s good to spend some time thinking about our character traits and possible hormonal problems.




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