Overreaction and acid reflux

Some people have alergies to food, dust, etc. When something goes through our mouth/nose and goes deeper, our body reacts, the histamine receptors react. And in all of us they react, but what happens if they overreact? They may produce more mucus, that may lead to breathing problems, coughing up phlegm, etc.

The core problem is how to change from overreactive to reactive.

People feel very real symptoms and believe the problem is real too. They often take antihistamine pills, but it’s just like proton pump inhibitors in case of acid reflux. They only cover the problem and still rarely help even in covering it succesfully;) That’s why so many people on forums and groups show their frustration and helplessness.

But imagine a situation: we see a student just before the oral exam. His hands are sweating. stomach aching and heart is almost jumping out of the chest. So is it something wrong with these organs or is it just a stress? People tell you it is from a stressful situation, but what this student can do to eliminate his overreaction? Does telling him to “relax” will ever work? No, because stress or overreaction is much more complex thing. Like acid reflux may sometimes come from stress, but relaxation rarely helps. It’s like someone’s company is bankrupting and you’re telling him to relax:) Give him a few millions of dollars and relaxation will follow:)But let’s focus on the student for a while. What can he do?Sometimes when you are prepared and have knowledge it is enough to feel comfortable at the exam. But it is rare. Other factors seem to be more important. The relationship between student and teacher is “submissive” and “dominant”. So the dominant person is always more relaxed. It’s like in recruitment process. The one being interviewed is almost always more tense than the interviewer. The student may also be introverted and even with proper knowledge and preparation it is not easy for him to express freely and in relaxed way. For some people exams are like “be or not to be”. He may not be familiar to public speaking and feel too much trembles, like beginning stage artists, have body issues, ugly face or other physical weakness. He may be a boy with girly voice (which is popular in current times), too shy, too soft and gentle and thus having more estrogen than testosterone levels and biologically and mentally he doesn’t feel like a fully developed man. What if he doesn’t have good family relationships or friendships or is not physically active?It seems unimportant at the exam, but all these things influence our nervous system.

There can be many factors why the student overreacts, physical or mental, real or not, but all connected with some kind of weakness. And this is a keyword in GERD.

Where our real immune strength comes from? People believe it comes from healthy diet and lifestyle, but these factors are maybe a few % of how you can strengthen your immunity as a human being. The strong nervous and immunity makes you reactive, not overreactive.

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