Physicality and acid reflux

People having very tough acid reflux symptoms are restricted in doing physical activities. Even laughing can make them cough, not to mention more physical activities like sports,  sex or dancing. Many people have problems even with sleeping in flat position and they have to maintain right angle where the head is higher than the legs so the gravity is forcing the acid to stay in our stomach.

Those people are the last to think that physicality can help to cure the symptoms and they carry this opinion for a reason. If they are unable to do anything physical then any suggestions or good advice from other people are actually worthless. “Let’s go dancing or swimming because it will relax you”. What if even a loud music and bass can create and intensify acid reflux? Later in this article I will share what I did to overcome the physical problems, but firstly let’s talk about how physicality can help us in our health.

We are human beings and we are both physical and mental.

Unfortunately in current times most of the jobs are mental, so people develop themselves physically in young age only and then it slightly gets worse and worse every year. Some of them think that they are active because they do some house chores or walk from home to work or when asked if they play sports the answer is: “Sure, I play basketball” but when you ask them when did you play basketball last time they say: “Three months ago”. So if you’re a careful observer you have to see that what we think about ourselves and what we actually do are completely different things.

Anyway, lack of physicality lead to physical problems.

But it is not about our condition or muscles or heart strength only. Our immune and nervous system can get stronger or weaker accordingly. Imagine people who train in tough environmental conditions, cold temperatures, etc. They don’t catch a cold just like that. It is also known that even crying can purify your emotions because you let your negative fluids and toxins just go away. It’s like when you have a problem and you share this with some of your friends and feel instant relief. The energy can flow and you don’t keep negative emotions in your body. (Sounds abstract, I know) Same when you are sweating out during a workout, you shake your body and the whole process strengthens your immunity.

All kinds of stimuli are needed. That’s why people invented taking hot and cold showers as a way to strengthen our immunity. Or imagine a soldier who has a lot of physical training, conditional resistance or fighting with someone or crawling in the mud or in the woods, so he gets scratches on the body here and there. This way you shock your organism so your nervous system adapt to tougher conditions and immediately strengthens. That’s why it’s much harder to scare a soldier because he reacts more calmly on most of the situations. His nervous system is more balanced, so his internal organs also react calmly.

Can you see a connection with overreactive digestive system?

If we want mental success we focus on mental and virtual things. But world is also physical and very real. If you have physical and real problems, you feel real pain and discomfort then it’s time to work on physical side. But it is a tricky thing when you’re unable to do anything physical, right?

Read my article: “How I overcame acid reflux” where I explain the idea of many levels of immunity. If you strenghten some of the levels, even if they don’t have anything to do with physicality, then your whole organism strengthens. So after a short period of time you should see physical changes.

If it sound impossible imagine injecting steroids into the cow. The cows on steroids look like 3 x bigger than normal. But they don’t train, don’t eat more. They just got steroids. So if a chemical substance can create dramatic changes in the body we are also able to strenghten the body without physical activities. There are just healthier ways then steroids.




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