Shyness and acid reflux

Do you think shyness make us calm and peaceful or overreactive? ImagineĀ If a brave man would take a shy person and push him/her trough life experiences

Shy people look calm and peaceful, because they worked very hard to set up their lives in a way that secures them from any possible threat that touches their insecurity.

But when someone tries to take that person and confront with some new, spontaneous, possibly dangerous stimuli this person can completely freak out.

So deep inside there may be a ticking bomb, waiting to explode with fear, anger and other defensive mechanisms. On outside you look peaceful, on inside you are boiling. People during extreme stress can even throw up. So imagine constant stress. Can it lead to many acid reflux symptoms like nausea or weak les or the the acid going from the stomach higher and higher even to the throat? It looks logical for me, but you have to judge…

You may be shy for a good reason, so I know its’ not easy to just say “relax and be open for everything”. But even a slight awareness and though that solving this problem even a little bit may lead to better heath sound uplifting, right?

It’s never a waste of time to work on our shyness, because the more open we are the more open the world seems to be for us.

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