Your job vs acid reflux


Sure we can point out jobs that may affect our health. Working in tough environmental, physiqualy demanding conditions, stressful atmosphere, offensive relationships, etc. But all this may not be a major problem. Most of us can easily judge if a given job can increase the symptoms. Let’s take a look from different perspective.

The world is full of people who don’t like what they do professionally.

There was even a short documentary in which a reporter ask many men and women if their current job is their dream job. Almost no one said yes… There were only few examples of people who felt it was their dream job and most of their jobs were connected with some environmental work and being close to nature. Very few people liked their corporate career, but that’s fine too. 

The point is many people hate what they do for most time of their day. Some of us had no choice and took whatever job was available, other ones where somewhat forced by their family members or society, and also lots of people choose the jobs only because it is well paid. But all this has a price. When you do what you do without any synchronization with your own nature, character and beliefs, then you work against a part of yourself. And you hear the voice inside telling you that something is not right.

It creates a lot of tension, frustration and weakness.

Because people who are confident deep inside are confident for a reason. If you don’t believe in what you do, how is it possible to create confidence on top of that? So you operate from a point of weakness. Any kind of weakness may create physical weakness.

I’m sure you know that many people during extreme stress can have a heart attack or intensive stomach ache so imagine what can happen if you have permanent tension your whole life if the job is not synchronised with your potential and character. It may be more influential on your heath than relationships with friends or healthy lifestyle, because you spend most of your time doing your job. It influences everything. Our overall immunity and nervous system can work very poorly in this uncomfortable conditions. To find out what your profession and life purpose is or isn’t needs a lot of reflection and thinking process.

If you like to speak and your job is only about preparing documents it creates tension of weakness.

If you like adventure or driving a car, but you work in front of a desk it may be a destructive problem.

If you are an introvert and you are forced to talk with clients half a day it may lead to lots of stress.

Most people are unable to discover the connection between their job and well-being and the influence it has on their whole organism. The tension and frustration created in the process make you over-reactive in life in many different areas outside of the job. It may be your relationships or health. So think for yourself. Overreaction may lead to sweaty hands or faster heartbeat, so is it hard to imagine that also our digestive system, stomach or oesophagus can overreact?

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