Your social status and acid reflux

Imagine a big corporation. Do you know which workers decide to go to work with their bike or by a bus or a car? The higher status you have the bigger the chance you choose a bike or public transportation. If you are lower in the hierarchy you choose a car more often.

Using a bike is beneficial for your health and for our environment. If you have higher status you probably have bigger salary and better quality of life. Being happy motivates you to take care about yourself, because you want to live fuller, better and longer. Your health is important, but you are also aware that environment influences you too. So taking care of others and environment is good for yourself too. Also when deep inside you know your value then it is nothing degrading to use a bike or a bus, and not your car.

With higher status you fell better at any social situation. You are more respected at work, at home, your family members respect and admire you, and no matter if it’s a barbecue or a conference you feel good, are relaxed. 

You are less influenced by external problems, because with bigger status you control more in life and are not just being pushed by people or circumstances. So you wake up in the morning with a sense of purpose and believe that whatever this day will bring you can manage. You can solve, you can overcome the challange. All that leads to lower stress levels and make your organism behave in non-overreactive way.

Status may influence your health dramatically. And good thing is it’s not a fixed thing. Partially you need to work on it for years, but part of it is illusory or quick to achieve.

You may work at the lowest possible level, but it doesn’t stop you from starting your own company and call yourself a boss. So you have a card named “John Doe – the director/CEO”. On social meeting when asked you answer: “I’m an entrepreneur”. You may work on your body language, talk slower and calmly, be enthusiastic, take care of clothes that suit well to those on decisive positions, you take care of your haircut, avoid nervous behaviour, and suddenly you act and feel like a boss. Even if a company don’t give you any income you started to feel stronger, more open and brave due to simple fact that you work full-time and also have vision for better future as an owner of your own company you develop on the side. So you start a fanpage, read books, talk about business and suddenly everyone perceive you differently.

Being more confident and having better image helps to be healthier emotionally, and emotions influences our body and nervous system.

Being less nervous won’t give you sweaty hands with no reason. So is it impossible it will lead to stronger and less overreactive digestive system? I see huge connection and this connection helped me.


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