If you’re an artist, photographer, writer, social media manager, or a social worker you are naturally more sensitive and emotionally weaker than a construction worker or a soldier. You have to be somewhat more fragile and vulnerable to bring all those emotions to life but it may negatively influence the body. It would help if you worked on other aspects of your life to strengthen them and balance this weakness. It is popular to call sensitivity a new strength, but it is valid only to some point.

Suppose you make tons of money being a musician but manage to stay grounded and mature. In this case, when you invest time and effort in your family or friends, or you maintain physical shape, not only spending money on parties and drugs, then it may indeed be perceived as a strength. But to create music in the first place, you have to be vulnerable and emotional. That’s why many famous artists have messed up their personal lives. The more sensitive you are, the more unstable you may become. In my opinion, an essential aspect of a sensitive personality is a tendency to overreaction and I don’t mean only mental, but physical overreactions.

You may react in a more sensitive way to stimuli that other people take as normal. Many stressed out and sensitive people have problems with the digestive system, allergies, etc. Imagine getting terrible news when you have a sensitive digestive system or a weak heart, it may end in serious life complications. When someone eats a peanut and has stomach problems or skin allergies a few moments later, this person rarely connects this physical problem with his over-sensitivity. He assumes that if the stomach is aching, then the problem must be in the stomach.

If we work as a photographer, we naturally become more sensitive and overreactive than people who chop wood. Our daily job is an important factor here, the effects of over-sensitivity may be destructive. That’s why in extreme cases, you should consider changing your career path. There is a reason why so many actors and musicians commit suicide, they are more sensitive than other people. They give us a lot of joy with their performances, but there is often a price.

Being aware that sensitivity may influence your health is the first step to reflecting on that and sometimes simple changes are enough.

Being too sensitive to other people’s emotions, being too shy to express your own opinions, being too submissive,
accepting low standards in your life or work, touching deep emotions too often, crying too much, searching for constant happiness, being gentle and friendly, being creative and emotional, being afraid of many real-life situations or having physical weaknesses may all make you more insecure and sensitive. There are ways to overcome that, but first you need to understand that sensitivity equals overreaction.

Overreaction may weaken your nervous system and a weak nervous system weakens your whole body and relaxation won’t help to overcome this kind of stress. Tomasz Stańko, a well-known Polish jazzman, brilliantly described Hollywood actors, saying: “It’s a mixture of down and concrete.” They are very strong and assertive and will do anything to achieve fame and success but moments later, they may cry like a baby on a movie set. Those who combine strength and weakness have the best chance of staying healthy, they take advantage of their sensitivity but don’t let it get them into rehab.

With age, we often lose our edge. By being parents or grandparents, we develop more sensitive behaviors. As we get older, we become less dynamic, less ambitious, and calmer and more peaceful. Our sensitivity increases, which automatically weakens physical health, but only when you let it happen.

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