Stimulate the senses not only mind

It’s a popular statement that people make their decisions relaying on emotions, not logic. Whether it’s good or bad I don’t want to go into that now. 

Sometimes you as a marketer sit in the front of your word document trying to invent something catchy, that will stimulate potential clients positively. You think about the social media, because everyone thinks about the social media. You think about well crafted Facebook post, because everyone thinks of a well crafted Facebook post. But in virtual world it’s easy to forget that we humans have not only brains, but a few other senses.

Stimulating these senses deeply can be more effective and actually easier than the most brilliant marketing slogans given to the people in the text form. Yes, we do marketing in a virtual world more and more often, but we still have eyes and ears and expect more variety.

That’s why when you create an animated promotional video you stimulate different frequency of our energy. When you use music, when you use voice or a few voices, when you use animated characters or moving objects or even color changes. It’s impossible to do all of that in the text form. So you make the emotions of the viewer more intense and from this level of intensity it’s easier to persuade the viewer.

The more emotional we get the easier to manipulate we become.

And we are ready to make the bold decisions. That’s how people buy these stupid stuff from multi level marketers. That’s when they are ready to buy a mattress for $2000, because now they believe it will cure cancer. High intensity of emotions turn us into sheep. That’s why I suggest to use animation marketing filled with powerful emotions;)

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