When people have a disease of any kind, they tend to focus on fighting the disease directly. But in many cases it seems to be the worst strategy. 

My method is focused on strengthening the organism on many levels, so various health problems may disappear on itself. When hearing about healthy lifestyle people think of three factors: healthy diet, physical activity and good sleep. But these are only 3 of 52 levels I teach about.

When some of these levels are weaken we not only live a worse version of our life, but many mental and physical problems may occur.

Listen to the following AUDIO RECORDING to get the basic understanding of this knowledge. I chose the example of allergies, because it can be easily understood by everyone, but the method works similarly in many other issues, physical and mental.

Making your organism strong on many levels may not only lead to healing, but it is just the right way of living. It is like keeping a healthy diet or an active lifestyle, but in much broader sense. It is also the best life possible, because in order to be healthy you have to experience the richness of life and its experiences. As I said, diet, activity or sleep are only 3 of many levels. That’s why the outcome is minimal.

My name is Pawel Lipka. I am not a doctor, but I got over very tough symptoms of acid reflux with the method I teach now. Before I understood it I spent 10 years and a lot of money fighting the disease, with no success at all. Now I lead a healthy life without any limitations. My goal is to share the knowledge and help other people to deal successfully with their health problems.

It is not a purely scientific approach. From a scientific point of view it is impossible to see the influence of certain levels of our strength on our health. But it doesn’t make the idea false. I’ll give you an example:

Humans create music for centuries. We even have music schools, but no scientist developed a 100% working method on how to make music hits that everyone will love. Or how to be funny like Jim Carrey. Because it is beyond science, just like our organisms haven’t been created from science, but real life processes and experiences. That’s why we need a method that works exactly like life works.

By working on many levels we strengthen one single thing – our whole organism. And every level influences that. Understand it carefully, because people tend to think that if they have a skin allergy the problem is in the skin. If they have a weak heart they believe the problem is in the heart. To think outside of the box is to be able to understand why you may have a cat fur allergy, because of your fear of spiders. Or you have an autoimmune disease because you are a very creative and successful artist. Sound strange, right?

By joining my program you will get access to the documents that explain these connections and how to really strengthen ourselves. It is not a process you should just do to solve your health issues. It is a process of a proper living, which almost nobody applies in their lives.

Watch one of my short movies about “Regular Joe” who I use as an example to show how we weaken or strengthen ourselves on different levels.

Think how many people, just like Joe in this movie, can work obsessively to work on their health, but if they fail to see other important levels of strength, then their effort may be wasted. And overall health will be weak anyway.

You can be a perfectly fit bodybuilder, but if you have a social anxiety, or you are a shy person, or you have a “heart attack” when someone interview you in front of the camera, then you have weakness on this level and it generates a constant stress. This inner tension influences the work of a whole organism, every single day. You may reject many life opportunities, have many fears, your nervous and immune system may work poorly, just because of this weakness. If you are not aware of that problem you may intuitively work on your body more and more to get even bigger and stronger as a bodybuilder, because you feel, deep inside, that you are not as strong as you should be. But you don’t understand the core of the problem, so you waste time on getting bigger and more muscular, instead of working on other levels and other weakness. Getting more muscles will never compensate the weakness you have on another level and never repair your immunity, hormones, nervous system and other bodily functions… After years of bodybuilding your life may still suck or some dramatic health issues may develop, even if you’re physically active and keep the healthy diet. Your system will be overloaded. So one day you have an allergy, depression, stomach ulcers, or any other issue. but you don’t connect the dots. You try medications and continue getting bigger in the gym. After 10 years your inner organs are all destroyed by the medications and you still didn’t solve the core problem, so you can’t stop taking them… It may lead to a very sad end.

Shyness or extreme introversion is just one level, but it may generate lots of physical health problems in the future. One of my short movies about shyness puts some light on it.

But don’t believe that only mental or physical factors play a role in your health. To fully work on ourselves, on all possible levels we need to see the bigger picture. And the things outside of us and their influence. They may be subtle. Sometimes it’s microplastics in your clothes, sometimes particles from car tires, viruses or other factors. Most people are not aware of such things, so instead of removing some types of products from their life, like cheap and toxic antiperspirants, they use it everyday and weaken themselves on this particular level.

Sometimes we can simply eliminate the unwanted toxins, just by buying an air purifier to our house. Or by removing cheap antiperspirants or at least limiting the usage.

But in many cases we cannot remove the external factors completely. What then?

This is the whole idea of my method. Strengthening to the point where particular problem may not matter, even when it is the direct cause of the illness. The key to understand what working on many levels really is, is to see that even if you work on those ones that seem to be completely unconnected with a particular issue, you still strengthen overall immunity. Therefore, you may be less susceptible to viruses, just because you are not a shy person anymore or you don’t give a f… what others think about your life choices, or you adapted to withstand cold temperature or you let yourself to harden your body with different physical stimuli. By having less tense nervous system you automatically have lower cortisol leves, your digestive systems works better, so your overall immunity is much better. That’s why people who follow only the simplest protocol like washing hands, eating clean or sleeping well are only doing the minimum of preparation to viruses. And then you may meet someone who does’nt pay too much attention to all of that, but is extremely brave and open in life. So he boosts his immunity everyday, just by this type of mindset and following life experiences, who a person with an opposite mindset simply doesn’t experience. The smartest thing obviously is not to ingore anything, even such simple as washing hands. Because working on all possible levels of strength is the final solution.

To stimulate the immunity we must experience a lot of things. Just by being among other people let us exchange the particles, the microorganisms from their organisms and our, so it shocks us a little bit everyday, therefore reinforcing the immunity.

In this video I show the importance of physical experiences and different physical stimuli in order to strengthen immunity and nervous system.

Learning how to use physical experiences and different physical stimuli to strengthen immunity and nervous system is one of the fastest ways for quick results.

By recognizing all levels that can enhance our strength we learn how to make the right choices in life. It is exactly like when you choose a career. If you want to be an artist it may let you strengthen yourself on a few levels, because you follow your passion, you let your talent develop more, and you fulfill your possible soul purpose. But what if your parents don’t want you to be an artist? Also, many artists engage themselves in addictions in order to open their creative subconsious mind. So you may finish your life with family conflicts, cocaine addiction and ruined brain functions.

Does it mean you should follow your family expecations and give up your own dreams? Well, then you will also strengthen on some levels – you may finish with more secure job, relaxing for your nervous system, you may grow your family and keep good relationships with others, which is immensely helpful for your physical and mental health. But on another levels you will feel empty, passionless, without using your full potential, because your destiny, talents and character is closer to the artist’s path, which you cannot express now.

So what to do? The best rule is to be smart enough and eliminate all possible weakness from your choices, whatever they are. Full potential means full satisfaction and full expression. And it can be done. Just like in this example showing “How not to eat”.

There are many more factors and levels to understand. That’s why I created a complete guide, which is a combination of theory, techniques and explainers prepared in the multimedia form. The part of the program is also my bi-weekly group coaching, and 1 on 1 phone call. Because sometimes to achieve the quickest results it’s best to ask your own questions and focus on your particular situation.

WEBINAR COST $57 includes:
120 minutes webinar “The System Of Strengthening The Organism
Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Call with Pawel Lipka
1 on 1 phone call with Pawel Lipka (approx. 10 minutes long)
140 pages e-book “Older Better Stronger: How To Increase Immunity At All Levels Of Life”
Lifetime membership in the group
Full access to premium content: documentary movies, interviews, 3d animations and podcasts

I am sure you will find this program extremely helpful. But if for any reason you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked!

About the author:

Pawel Lipka studied at the Academy of Fine Arts. He worked on popular artistic projects, including world famous tv animated series: “The Garfield Show”, a full length movie: “The Suicide Room”. He created commercials for the biggest companies in the world, including Amazon, Orange and KGHM. In his book “Older Better Stronger” he combines his passion to philosophy and psychology with the understanding of life and health, and uses artistic background to explain life mechanisms in a unique way. This artistic way of observation allows him to explain life problems from a different perspective than doctors, psychologists or trainers do. This allows readers to understand it more easily and apply it to their own life.

1. What software/hardware do I need to listen to the webinar?
The webinar is prepared in a form of a universal video file. You need only a web browser and a link which will be delivered after the purchase.
2. Is there a refund policy?
If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your purchase, let us know within 15 days and we’ll give you a full refund.
4. I have very private inquiries, which I would rather not completely share during a public discussion. What in that case?
Within 30 days from the moment of purchasing the webinar you can use the opportunity to have an approx. 10-minute telephone conversation with me or choose an e-mail instead. Also, there is bi-weekly group coaching, if you don’t mind asking your questions publicly.
4. For how long the bi-weekly group coaching is available for me?
You can participate in the group coaching for 6 months from the moment you purchased the webinar.
5. I have more specific questions, before I join in. Where can I ask them?
Feel free to ask your questions by email:

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