Can fear lead to food allergies or other diseases? When you fear spiders or heights, it is not enough to avoid them, by avoiding them we do not use the healing potential of our body.

Let’s imagine that everything in our body is generally in decent shape. It may not be perfect, but decent. Only our knees refuse to obey us and, because of them, we have to limit walking, traveling, dancing, and other activities. It seems evident that solving this problem will significantly improve our lives, but instead of taking care of our knees, we choose to strengthen our neck muscles, even if they are strong. We decide to buy a new cream that will take care of our skin, even if our skin looks good, we choose to change our diet to strengthen our digestive system, even if it works well already. All these changes won’t affect our body dramatically, though somehow, we still choose to focus on them instead of our knees.

It seems like an unwise strategy, right? But this is the exact strategy we apply in the context of our fears. We may not realize that overcoming our fears will bring the biggest positive changes to our lives so we choose to play with other things, without touching the fears.

Imagine someone who is shy or has a fear of public speaking. This person is very talented, but surprisingly his life is just average. If he overcame his fear, he could achieve more recognition, meet new friends, and create new business opportunities, but it won’t happen if no one hears about him. By nurturing his shyness and fear of public speaking, he rejects all possibilities of it.

This is an example that shows what we can lose on the level of a professional career. But there is an even more important problem with fears.

There is a connection between fears and our health.

Fears dramatically affect health and maybe a source of various diseases, however recognizing this kind of connection requires a more profound observation.

As we cannot see the impact of anxiety on our diseases with the naked eye or a medical diagnosis, we will probably never consider this as a method of treatment.

Anxiety creates chronic stress. It’s also scientifically proven that chronic stress can lead to physical disorders.

However, we may not believe that our cat fur allergy comes from a fear of spiders, fear of loneliness, or problems with shyness. Even if we start believing that fear causes various diseases, another question arises. “Since I am shy and have allergies, how is it possible that my friend is also shy, but he has no allergies at all? Or has he an utterly different ailment? So why the absurd idea that my shyness could cause cat fur allergy?” In this case, half of humanity would be allergic to cat fur.

This can be explained. After all, each of us has different bodily strengths and weaknesses, just as in a stressful exam one person’s hands are sweaty and someone else begins to stutter, and another one has heart palpitations or stomach pain. All these people experience stress during the same exam, but their individual weaknesses are activated in each of them.

That’s why one person can have a food allergy, another has a cat fur allergy, and someone else has no symptoms at all.

Have you noticed many politicians’ hair quickly turned gray after they got prominent positions? It didn’t happen as an effect of one powerfully stressful situation, but as an effect of a constant and intensive fear.

You may conclude that it is enough to just avoid fear but sometimes when you avoid fear, you also avoid life. It becomes a source of additional stress and disease.

Confrontation with fears removes stress in the long run and helps to extinguish problems in the weakest areas of our bodies. You have to use your intellect to decide when it’s good to overcome fear and when to avoid it. Avoiding fire is rational, avoiding public speaking isn’t. Avoiding car accidents is rational, avoiding driving cars isn’t.

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